Christian Fiction’s Bad Rap

Another excellent article by author Dave Alderman.


David N. Alderman

5975464279_4e78c71c6d_zLast Tuesday I posted about how some Christians stray away from any type of entertainment that doesn’t fulfill their idea of good Christian morals and ethics. Today I’m going to talk about my perspective of the state of Christian fiction in today’s society.

I’ve noticed a lack of exciting and/or realistic Christian fiction in today’s market and the impact it is having on the attitude of readers (both Christian and non-Christian) venturing out to give Christian fiction a chance. This is the main reason why I created the Crossover Alliance (soon to be a publishing company) and the genre, Edgy Christian Speculative Fiction, under which I contain my Black Earth series. It is Christian fiction, but it contains elements and themes – violence, sexual themes, unhappy endings, cursing, magic, other worlds, aliens, rape, etc – missing from much of today’s typical Christian fiction.

Now, to start off, I’m not…

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