The Spring Slog

“April is the cruelest month…”

Wife and I finally got Covid. (Happy Easter, eh?)

I’m on the mend but it really took the wind out of my sails. After-effects are hanging on.

On a positive note, it looks like there’s another Osprey rule book in my future. So that’s cool.

Fiction-wise, I’ve got another Exclusion Zone short in the queue and Shattered Worlds Book 2, “Into the Scorned Lands’ is moving forward.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Stay well. Have an excellent week.

5 Replies to “The Spring Slog”

  1. Get well soon!
    Sorry for writing this here but couldn’t find another way contacting you.
    I really love your rulesets- all of them. Just got IE in my mailbox today.
    What I‘m wondering, are you interested in artwork/graphics/ illustrations? (I‘m an illustrator/designer) sorry again for asking this here.

    All the best


    1. Thank you the kind worlds. And for purchasing IE.
      Just added a Contact Form to the S7 side menu bar for exactly this reason.
      Illustrations… I’m always interested. Do you have a portfolio?
      Have a good day.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I totally missed the contact form. I’ve sent you a mail.

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