Reason is the natural order of truth; but imagination is the organ of meaning.
– C. S. Lewis

I like stories. Always have, but I didn’t start writing my own until later in life.

At first it was science fiction military action with a cyberpunk espionage twist, The Eshu International books. Two, so far. Guess it was the ninja soldier hero I always wanted to be coming out. Then there’s an ongoing cyberpunk story, The Clar1ty Wars, currently on part two. More recently there was a Celtic-flavored ghost story titled The Barrow Lover, and now I’m working on a post-apocalyptic fantasy saga called Shattered Worlds. (I can only guess what facets of my secret self those represent.) In between, I keep hammering out stand-alone shorts like Sozo, Hard Kill, The Stones Remember, Prayer to St. Strelok, Strange Treasure, and the latest Soul Cache.

The stories and pages keep adding up, so HSSJ was created to collect them all in one spot. Click on the book covers in the right sidebar on the main landing to go to the respective Amazon page.

Also, I occasionally address the challenges I’ve encountered being a Christian, a husband, father, grandfather, artist, and spec-fiction writer in 21st century America. I’ve been backing off on that lately because God knows the internet has more than its share of rants and religion, and I don’t want to be one of those guys who has to fill every pause in the conversation with their opinion, informed or otherwise. (From what I can tell, that would be Facebook.)

Feel free to leave a comment or say Hello. For more on my stained glass work, please visit my studio site: Glass Graphics Studio.

For more on my faith: The Jesus I met



Hot Space Station Justice… is there any other kind? Just use frangibles so you don’t breach the hull.

P. Todoroff


All original stories, excerpts and essays are the property of P. Todoroff and are copyright protected. Do not reproduce without express written permission.

18 Replies to “ABOUT HSSJ”

  1. Hey there,

    your comments about your books reception among Christians caught my eye. I grew up in the fundamentalist baptist world and I know exactly how petty Christians can be when they don’t get out of their little world. I am still a Christian and I really liked your book. I just wanted to let you know that there are some of us out there who do understand your viewpoint.

    -also, I agree wholeheartedly about the new Deus Ex. I just finished it and that is how cyberpunk is supposed to be done.

  2. Hey,
    I like the idea of the collaborative writing centered on a space station. Me and a group of friends did something similar a few years ago with a setting for the Traveller RPG that I had created. More grit and realism than the the standard setting. As with so many things, it worked so well we quit doing it. I would certainly be interested in taking part, I’ve recently had the itch to take up writing again, having done a lot of sci fi creating in the past. By the way, love Running Black. Just recently got on a William Gibson kick. Read all his stuff and wanted to explore cyberpunk themed sci fi further. Was thinking about reading Stross, but your cover art caught my eye, and the reviews were solid. Glad I did. Great work.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sam, and I hear you about things that work well.

      I’m glad you’re interested in the Drop City Co-Op, not to mention Running Black. The sequel, “Shift Tense” is coming along but I’m hammering some D.C. vignettes now, and should have them finished by the end of Jan. Let me know if you’ve got any more questions. Thanks again.

  3. What sort of parameters do you have on the space port? I certainly identify with the gritty atmosphere and redemptive themes, but in terms of building an environment are there certain base fundamentals the co- op contributors must bear in mind? I’m thinking things like tech level (ftl or no), location, type of station (o’neil cylander ala Bab 5, or something else). Those kinds of things. The focus should be on weaving interesting characters, for sure, but are there some baselines?
    For me, I think FTL in some form certainly adds. Although it can be too accessible. A multi- tiered spinning station is kind of cool, spindle connecting the various spokes, different rungs and various socio-economic areas. Common enough out there in fiction, but works well as a jumping point.

  4. Thanks Sam. Good questions.

    I’ll post specific guidelines early in January. Regarding Drop City though, I actually envisioned a crowded transportation/way station on a barely terra-formed planet or small moon rather than a space station. It’s clinging to the polar or tropic habitable zone, and would have been abandoned long ago except for it’s critical location between systems. Because it doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of any specific governing body, it’s sort of a modern Free Port/Tax Haven, and home to all manner of sketchy government, corporate, and military shenanigans.

    Right now, I’m working on a multi-faceted story surrounding a shipment of illegal Low Grav pharmaceuticals as seen from the POV of several involved citizens. Think of the films Babel, Crash, Traffic, or 21 Grams.

  5. Rushing through, dropping in for the first time, NOT checking to see whether anyone’s told you yet or not: Your link to Glass Graphics Studio is a bit skewed; the link is rotting. Looking forward to reading everything you have. Best of skill.

  6. I also stumbled across Running Black in a random search on amazon, no help from any kind of advertisement for your work anywhere. Loved it, and am waiting eagerly for shift tense.

    As a not-sure-what-to-believer I have enjoyed reading many of your blog comments on religion, and wanted to give you the feedback that many European atheists and sceptics of my acquaintance don’t have the background or religious education to know enough about religion to have a chance to believe. Atheism of ignorance as it were. In my case, I even have an uncle who was a priest of the Church of England, but I never discussed religion with him as it would not have been a ‘polite’ topic of conversation at busy family gatherings. Which is a sad reflection on the position of religion in northern Europe to tell the truth.

    Every time I have tried to experience religion through attending church have been repulsed by the behaviour of the priest in the parish, the last one even stating outright that he wanted to drive out the Anglo-Saxons of his community and concentrate on those of other ethnic background. That doesn’t help much, so I believe in my own quiet ignorant way, and do my best to be good.

    1. Hi James,

      Thanks for taking the time.

      I’m very glad you enjoyed RB and apologize for the lateness of Shift Tense. I was all full of piss and vinegar after completing my first novel, thinking I was a step away from movie and foreign language rights, I figured I’d bang out the sequel in 6 months. Ahh… the delusions of a noob author)

      I also appreciate your info on European atheists. There’s a huge cultural/education gap here in the US as well. Most people don’t even know what questions to ask, let alone enough to engage in an intelligent discussion. I’m happy to discuss things personally, but if you’re up for more reading, I’d recommend C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity” or Donald Miller’s “Searching for God Knows What”. Os Guinness’ book, “The Call” also makes my Top Ten List.

      Stay in touch. I’ll send you a Beta copy of Shift Tense when it’s ready. (I’m almost there. Really)

      patrick t.

  7. Patrick,

    Just read both Shift Tense books back to back. What a great followup to Running Black. Fantastic writing. Can’t wait for next part(s)!

    Looking forward to more CLAR1TY WARS as well.

    1. Gosh, thank you very much. I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to let me know.

      The third and final portion of ST, “Angels”, is slated for release end of this year, then I’ll get back to the next installment of CW, “Under Strange Stars”. (oh yeah, there’s a ghost story somewhere in there too)

      After that… there are several projects to choose from.

  8. Patrick, thank you so much for the care package of books. I’m halfway through Shift Tense; fantastic reading. Is this the right forum to contact you? I look forward to writing a review of your work on Amazon and Goodreads. Thanks again,
    Sincerely, Jeff Evans

  9. Patrick, long time no hear. I hope that all is well. Always enjoy hearing from you and seeing what you are up to. All my best, scott

    1. Hey man,
      Thanks for stopping by. Good to hear from you. It had been a while.

      I spent two months this winter sick and injured – which took me down several notches. I’m on the mend now, slowly getting my stride back.

      Have you seen the latest serialized bit, Zombie Six? At chapter 8 now. There’s a tab in the header bar, if you’re interested.

      Thanks again and take care.

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