War Child International

As a father and grandfather, one of the most heart-rending aspects of writing Shift Tense was researching the tragedy of child soldiers in Africa. Consider for sixty seconds the notion of kidnapped children drugged, brutalized and brainwashed into front line combat. War, starvation, killing, death at age 8, or 10, or 12. Then if they live long enough, to grow into adulthood deformed and scarred by that savagery. I think about my sons and now my grandsons… how can I not give at least something to people who are actively trying to alleviate this kind of suffering?

I mentioned before I would donate a portion of Shift Tense sales to a related charity. After a bit of research, I selected War Child. They’re an international organization dedicated helping children affected by war. If you can, please give. If you can’t give money, then pray.

thank you
p. todoroff

Soldier Dreams Release

soldier_dreams_typoThe second installment of Shift TenseSoldier Dreams – is now available at Amazon for Kindle.
Soldier Dreams at Amazon It’s got Somali pirates, killer robots, mad dictators, child soldiers, and plenty of action. What more do you need?

To mark the occasion, Part One – RED FLAGS – will be free for download starting tomorrow, Sept 27th through the 28th. RED FLAGS at AMAZON

A thousand thanks to everyone who’s taken their hard-earned cash and purchased my books, then taken their time to actually read them. I’m eternally grateful.

What’s in a Number – Update

Wherein I’m on the receiving end of justifiable criticism…

Latest “Running Black” Review addresses the exact questions I raised in an earlier post in Amazon Ratings and Reviews.

In my defense, I’m fully aware I’m not William Gibson and my debut novel isn’t going to win the Hugo, Nebula and PKD. Not in a million years. Neither would I assert the Eshu International world is a credible extrapolation of Middle Eastern politics or corporate hegemony. Any more than “Live Free or Die Hard” was a realistic depiction of a cyberattack on American infrastructure or “The 300” caught the historical reality of Thermopylae. But Mr. Durkey is well read with broader, higher points of reference, and the fact is my work doesn’t attain to elite levels. End of the day, I’m fine with Three Stars and ‘well-written’, ‘solid action, good airport book.’

Thank you Mr. Durkey, for taking the time to read and review my book.

Milestone: 7/18/13

Ain’t NY Times Bestseller list but still pretty cool. Today’s Shift Tense- Red Flags Amazon stats

#1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Science Fiction > Cyberpunk
#1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Religious Fiction > Christian > Futuristic

Giveaway and Review Request

Red_Flags_17_titleB Two weeks after the release, sales are strong even with little/no PR, but I’d like to boost those ever important Amazon and Goodreads review numbers. So… I’m offering TEN electronic copies of SHIFT TENSE- RED FLAGS to blog readers and FaceBook connections free the week of July 15 through July 20. Yes… FREE.

Now, if you’ve already purchased RED FLAGS, Thank you very much. It’s a blessing any one purchases/reads my work. By way of compensation, fire off a review of RF and I’ll send you a pre-release of the second installment, SHIFT TENSE – SOLDIER DREAMS for your effort. (You have to keep contents to yourself until it is officially available however.)

What’s the catch? I ask for a short, honest review at either Amazon or Goodreads. (or both and where ever else you feel like posting) Reviews make a huge difference and every one counts. The more direct and honest, the better. I think most readers can smell a shill at a hundred paces, so legit comments are worth their weight in gold.

If you’re interested, leave a comment below and we’ll work out specifics.

If the response is larger than expected, I’ll give away more copies.

I also found several ARCs (advanced reading copies) of Running Black and CW:One Bad Apple if anyone’s interested in reading/reviewing either of those. Let me know.

A thousand thanks.

Red Flags Release


Now available at AMAZON ON KINDLE. Read/Reviews would be much appreciated.

Special thanks to Michal Oracz for the cover, Mark at Angel Editing for the clean-up, and a heap of patient readers. I’m grateful.

Part 2 is under the copy-edit scalpel right now.