Hobby-related post

Many of my friends know I’ve been an avid miniature wargamer for quite some time. A fellow gamer at the Lead-Adventure Forum came across one of my current projects and featured it on his hobby blog. My forum tag in the miniatures world is “Dentatus” (after a famous Roman General) and the project is based on the Russian computer game “STALKER”. More on all this later. Here’s the link: Anatoli’sGameRoom

My other work…

I’m not a full-time writer – although I hope to be one day. I’ve spent nearly 25 years in the glass trade and supported my family fixing broken windows, ripping out windshields, replacing smashed storefronts and patio sliders. During that time, I got a book from the library and taught myself how to cut stencils and sandblast. Stained glass followed years later. It has developed into this: Glass Graphics Studio
My wife thinks the name is too boring and industrial, but it’s what I came up with back in the day and I’ve stuck with it. I retail panels and things through Etsy now. Here’s the link to my shop there. Etsy.com Shop
I still find glass fascinating.

Custom panels for bi-fold doors

Not related: recent project

A triptych I made as a memorial for a teacher and administrator at the school where my wife has worked for ten years now. Gretchen was a wonderful woman and these were donated to honor her and her passion for education, art, literature and poetry. Made with antique and architectural glass, glass nuggets, antique cast rondels, and beveled glass, the panels stretch nine feet from left to right and cover an area of twenty one square feet. The sandblasted text is Stanley Kunitz’s poem “The Layers’. My wife and I studied it as part of Gretchen’s poetry group. The windows are in the school library. Seemed appropriate.

Are we the baddies?

Waiting on editors and artists, so I figured I’d post one of my favorite YouTube vids. Kids, pay attention in school, ’cause this is only really funny if you know enough history.War history at that.

This one is great too.

Dedicated Headspace

With “Running Black” going to print, and plans for more novels, I decided to hang a shingle to interact with readers. I’ll endeavor to answer questions, post thoughts, and respond as best I can. Thank you for visiting. Let’s keep this intelligent, civil, and creative.

“Reason is the natural order of truth; but imagination is the organ of meaning. “ C.S. Lewis