Stories bounce around in my head and writing is the only way to let them out. Fiction helps me make sense of the real world.

Cyberpunk, Military Sci Fi, Near Future action, a Celtic-flavored ghost story, two Stalker/Metro 2033 shorts, and now a post-apocalyptic Fantasy series.

Available in print, ebook, several as audio books, click on the links below for more information at their respective Amazon page.



Novels, Novellas, Short Stories, Audiobooks

Shattered Worlds. a post-apocalyptic fantasy series

Book One – Beneath the Broken Moon

Short Stories

Soul Cache


Hard Kill

Enemy of my Enemy

The Stones Remember

Fits and Orisons – A Collection

Tales from the Exclusion Zone

A Prayer to St. Strelok

Strange Treasure

A Ghost Story

The Barrow Lover

Clar1ty Wars series (on going)

One Bad Apple

Under Strange Stars

Eshu International

Running Black

Shift Tense

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