Secret Life of Walter Mitty – a short review


I don’t know why critics panned this. No, it’s not exactly like Thurber’s short story and no, it doesn’t have visceral grit, sensuality or angst. It’s a straightforward, well-made, charming movie about overcoming fear and disappointment to venture out and recapture the magic of life. Maybe that’s too sweet and positive for some. It’s essential all the same. Maybe those critics should take a hike or something. Put down the latte and get out of the office.

Well written, superbly acted with solid, almost understated eloquence, featuring some epic landscapes and hilarious daydream sequences, this is a fine, dare I say, family movie. It’s poignant, encouraging, delightful. Well done, Mr. Stiller.

My opinion? Buy it, don’t just rent it.

p.s. the Stretch Armstrong bit had me laughing out loud.