Pain in the glass

Two piece landscape installed this afternoon. Sun was coming from my left onto the surface of the panels – totally the wrong way to photograph art glass. You can’t see the high-strike mottled leaves, the subtle differences in the landscape from sandblasting, the ripples in the water… Day-um. At least they went in with no cracks, scratches or trouble.

Three more pieces remaining for this client.



Give blood – Work at a glass shop

Writing fiction is a full-time vocation jammed into part-time schedule. Glass work is my full-time job. Some days it strikes me how incredibly fortunate I am – blessed even – to make a living in the arts. Occasional slices, client aggravations, and heat-cracks aside, this is a good gig.

Here’s some shots of my studio.

At the back door
At the back door
Front door, left side.
Front door, left side.
Front door, right side
Front door, right side
Should have had more: patio slider unit turned into a large insulated window.
Should have had more: patio slider unit turned into a large insulated window.

Here’s a link to my Studio website: Glass Graphics Studio

Remember: It’s not a real project until you’ve given blood.

Thanks all. Enjoy your day.

The Barrow Lover – Advance Copy Specifics

TheBarrowLover 2 preview-1Thanks to everyone who expressed interest in the Stained Glass Panel Giveaway for The Barrow Lover and the offer of Advance Copies. According to the publisher, a late Sept/early Oct release is still an attainable goal. Here are specifics:

The Barrow Lover is a Celtic-flavored ghost story with a couple horror scenes. I say Celtic-flavored because while the setting feels vaguely medieval, it’s non-specific and contains the occasional anachronism. I chose poetic verisimilitude (yes, I actually got to deploy that term) over historical accuracy. Might be a touch shocking but there is no gratuitous gore. A novella of less than 25K words, it’s a short read. Depending on how fast you read/if you like it, you’ll be done in a night or so.

I have TEN copies to send to interested parties. Three are spoken for as of this writing. Please contact me through my gmail dot com account. The addy name is CCGlazier and I will send it right out. It is available in WORD or PDF.

I also have SEVEN trade paperback galley copies. The print formatted small, but it is the complete manuscript. If you’d like one, I’ll need your mailing addy. Send it to the above email and I’ll post you a copy ASAP.

Please understand the manuscript is slated for a final copy edit, and the advance copies contain the occasional typo.

There is none. Of course it’s copyrighted. Plagiarists will be dealt with vigorously through appropriate channels. I request any advance reader refrain from posting spoilers or excerpts before the official release. (Although opinions or encouraging words are always welcome.) I’ll be sure to announce the release date once I know more. Reviews at Amazon/Goodreads would be very much appreciated, but readers are under no obligation. This is a ‘no-strings-attached’ offer.

Foil-wrap construction, the panel measures 20.25" x 20.25"
Foil-wrap construction, the panel measures 20.25″ x 20.25″
To promote the book’s release and encourage those all-important Amazon Reviews, I will be giving away a total of three (3) Celtic-themed stained glass panels. Two will be smaller hangers, similar to pieces in my Etsy shop. I will post pictures once they are complete. The third piece is the 20.25″ x 20.25″ panel pictured here. To see more of my glasswork, feel free to browse my Studio Website.

The pool of contestants is strictly limited to readers in the Continental US and Canada who post a review of The Barrow Lover on the US website. All reviews will receive equal consideration; an honest review is worth ten ‘shill and gush’. Three names will be drawn at random once the number of qualified reviews reaches fifty. Winners will be announced here at my Blog and on Facebook. The panels will be packed, insured, and shipped free of charge to the winners’ confirmed address. I will consider a second giveaway once and if the number of reviews exceeds fifty and reaches 100.

Please contact me with any questions or requests for advance copies.

Thank you,
patrick t.

Stained Glass for The Barrow Lover

Finished this today, a stained glass panel I plan to give away as part of the initial promotion for my upcoming novella, The Barrow Lover.

Foil-wrap construction, the panel measures 20.25" x 20.25"
Foil-wrap construction, the panel measures 20.25″ x 20.25″ and features hand-beveled glass and various antique and textured art glass

Slated for an October release, (cross them fingers) I’ll be sending off Galley Copies to potential reviewers, contacting independent review sites, running targeted FB ads and all that jazz. But in appreciation to those gracious enough to buy and read my book, I decided to create this piece as the grand prize in a drawing. I’ve planned two other, smaller Celtic panels for second and third place prizes.

TheBarrowLover 2 preview-1

Wait, you’re giving this away? Like, for Free? What’s the catch, you ask?

All you need to do to enter is write an Amazon review for The Barrow Lover. Once The Barrow Lover gets 50 reviews, I’ll draw three names at random. The first two will each receive a smaller panel, the final pick receives this. Winners will be announced here at the blog, and where ever else I can get it posted.

CelticA 009

One entry per review per person. (No sock puppets, please) Due to shipping expenses and customs, this contest is only open to people in the ConUS and Canada.

Feel free to ask questions here. Drop me a line if you’d like to receive an advance copy.

A thousand thanks.

Patrick T.

Latest glasswork of note

Used to be I took pictures of everything. Every suncatcher, repair, cabinet, hanging panel… After nearly 15 years, it’s only large or interesting projects.

Here’s a pair of sidelights for a private residence in Osterville, MA. Client requested simple but elegant, and of the four options I sketched, this was her final selection. Lead and zinc came construction, clear waterglass with pale gray granite and bevel borders. 30mm faceted jewels add a bit of sparkle at major lead joins.

I still marvel I get paid to do this. It’s a genuine blessing.

There’s a large multi-piece commission on the horizon, with arts and crafts cabinets, a door lite, and two large Tiffany-style landscapes.

Writing-wise, I’m hammering out a scene from the next Clar1ty Wars collection, titled “Under Strange Stars”.

Full view of entryway
Full view of entryway
Left-hand sidelite
Left-hand sidelite
You guessed it - right hand sidelite.
You guessed it – right hand sidelite.

“Five flaming torches on the rolla-bolla of death!” *

Glass-wise, in the last two weeks I’ve made a large beach scene window, a pair of half length sidelights, sandblasted two full-size kitchen doors, made five leaded-glass panels for cabinets, twenty-four fish suncatchers, five blue-star banners, one Chicago city flag, drawn up a set of full-length sidelights and started two panels for personal projects. Make hay while the sun shines…

Writing, I’m scribbling in the gaps: lunch, after dinner, thirty minutes here, an hour there. Page count is increasing, however slowly. I’ll have another section of Grim Fall soon-ish.

Lots of work is a good problem to have, but the writer in me almost wishes for winter.


*uttered by street busker in Halifax, N.S decades ago and now part of our family argot.

“Your books suck!”

“Your books suck!”

“Yes, they do. But not as bad as some others.”

Critics go with the territory – walking out your door means you’re fair game.

Here on Cape Cod, you can’t help bump into artists. I’ve met dozens of people with an excess of talent, a better eye for color, light, texture, detail, who have that gift, that creative lightning, who could make far better stained glass windows than me. But they don’t make windows. I do. So mine are better than theirs. Same thing with writing. (or sculpting, or painting…)

The learning curve requires you write your first book before you write your second, and anything worth doing is worth doing well, worth doing poorly at first.

Oh, and my monthly remittance from Amazon just showed up. Again.


Client asked me to reproduce the Frank Lloyd Wright Saguaro panel, modified and shrunk (from it’s original 12 foot height) to fit in her bathroom window. Went to it’s new home this morning. I’m used to large-scale projects and intricate work, but this took much longer than anticipated.

Funny how I keep trying to apply the methodical, plot and plan approach I use with glass to writing fiction. It translates in some aspects but remains obstinate, elusive and organic in others. Imagining is like collecting smoke, writing like packing springs.

Now back to Somaliland and Drop City…

saguaro2 008

saguaro2 004

Finally! (Stained Glass Related)

Pictures of the large panel I constructed for the new dorm at St. Mark’s Prep. Measures approx six feet wide by five feet tall, set in a custom mahogany frame. Seeing the panel installed, back-lit, in context with the space always makes for better pictures.